Find the Fun
In The Everyday

Onefeat is an app packed with more than 5000 challenge you complete in real life just by taking pictures. Onefeat is all about the most important things in life: Living and experiencing more.

It’s a fun little mix of gaming, social media and entertainment, with a strong philosophy that your real life and what you experience is more important than passively scrolling and living vicariously through other people’s lives.

The Problem

5000 Challenges, now what?

With its simple and fun promise, the app quickly gained traction and wide press coverage. But the game itself was struggling to keep users excited in the long term. We decided to get answers from the best place there is, our users. We asked open questions like “Why do you stop playing?” which  provided more clarity in the pitfalls of our game.

We realized we had a classic problem in the social media world, the leaking bucket. We were facing a paradox, It is hard to keep users entertained in the long term, at the same time, users felt overwhelmed by the number of challenges the app had to offer. We had the content, but not a strong story telling around these challenges that would provide context to our users.

The Insights

Make Me Come Back

When asking "What could make the game more fun?”, we quickly had interesting opportunities on how we could make it more exciting for the community.

Some were complex and required us to rethink our core game mechanics. But some of them seemed quite reachable in terms of feasibility and complexity.

We realized that we had the opportunity to make the game more exciting by engaging all our community  based on the events of the year. Challenges around Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, were fun for our users because it forced them to do them the very day and created more context around the day.

“The idea is really interesting but after a while it seems to be pointless without any real reward.”
“We get jaded quickly, especially if we don’t play with friends IRL.”
Keep creating missions for especial occasions, like you did on Halloween. That's fun
We don’t know what the focus of the month. The stuff for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, these are good ideas.
Show what's trending.  I think that by making it change, I can discover new things. It would hook me and show me that there's life on the site because things are changing.

The Concept

Follow the Calendar

Thus, came the concept of the Feat Of The Day. Everyday, we would highlight one challenge among the 5000. Users who do it gain more points and the challenge would become the main focus for the community. We built a contextual calendar where challenges were related to various themes.  Also, from a business perspective, it clarified the message for sponsors or brands who would like to engage with our community on a certain event and would build solid story telling for the Community Management.

Love themed missions around Valentine’s Day, Spooky challenges for Halloween, celebrating the New Year together. It could be tied to a specific event like commemorating the death of Michael Jackson, or doing something for nature on Earth Day, the community had a center point to get together and feel like they are part of the world.  
From the early mockups, to the launched design. We had a new section ready pretty quickly.  


The Feat Of The Day

Over time, the feat of the day revealed the essence of what our game was. A simple nudge in your everyday life to find fun in the little things with others. It became the exciting rendez vous for our community everyday, as fun for spectators to watch as becoming our community’s superstar, for a day.

Propose To Someone


Make A Scared Face


Challenges for the weekends..

Challenges for the weekdays..

Unique game mechanics tied to special days of the year.

Special quests created to be tied to specific events of the year (Here, the Olympics)


Challenges for Every Moment

The Feat of the Day became the central meeting point for our community and a reason to come back everyday. We implemented daily notification pushes to remind our community to the feat of the day. We tracked metrics for the number of challenges completed and the % opening of our push we would send everyday to remind our users about it.

Onefeat was one of the most exciting and fun project I ever had to work on. We had to close the app after a couple of years but we had the chance to have an incredible community worldwide driven by the same spirit: The real world is more fun.