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I am Sou, product designer based in New York. I launched, designed and built various apps and website in the social, music and gaming space.



Music Made Better

I currently work for Splice, the #1 creative platform for the mordern musician. We develop tools to help music producers of today collaborate and make better music. I contribute to the design of Sounds (the leading platform for sample download) Studio (a powerful platform to backup and collaborate on music) and many other features.


Producing music with a computer can be quite complicated. Our goal is to make sure you find and interact with the tools you need while staying focused on the only that matters. Making great music. Browse thousands of samples, develop your signature sound, backup your projects and collaborate with other. Splice's goal is to become the Adobe of music production.

Behind the scenes



Music With Friends

I spent a year working for the leading streaming service Spotify building new social features on iPhone and Desktop. Our overall goal was to let you enjoy and discover more music through your friends.

The Friend Feed

Metrics showed that user retention was higher once people would play friend's music on the service. An other qualitative insight indicated that people loved it when they felt the presence of their friends on the service. From these signals, we designed the Friend Feed, a sidebar that shows what your friends listen to in real time.

Behind the scenes

Other Projects

..and other secret projects coming soon ;) .



Play Life.

I was the co-founder and UX lead at Onefeat, an app where you complete challenges in real life by taking photos. From “High 5 your grandma”, "climb a mountain", to “Make a duck face", more than 5000 challenges to make everyday life more fun. We reached 50k users in 60 countries with more than 100,000 challenges completed.

The concept of Onefeat mixes elements of social media, photosharing and gaming at the same time. It was a huge and fascinating challenges raising many questions. How to deliver a great user experience? How to build a game progression that makes sense? How to integrate the social aspects? And most importantly: How to keep it simple? .

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Yelp - unofficial

One tap away from the bar.

What if we could redesign the Yelp app to be so simple and intuitive that any drunk party animal could find its way to the nearest pizza spot in seconds? I designed tons of mockups until I found a powerful, simple and elegant solution to make Yelp the best app to find anything nearby almost instantly.


On this app, animations were so important I designed most of the user flow directly on After Effects. I challenged the current design with real out of the box ideas inspired by the latest apps (Facebook Paper) to deliver a simple and compelling experience to the 10M Yelp users. Too bad, this is just a project for fun!

Behind the scenes


Postunes - coming soon

Send Music Postcards.

Music has the power to say the unsaid, create the the intimacy that connect us at so many levels. Postunes is born to find a more beautiful and poetic way to share music with people that matter to you. At the crossroads of music and photography, we created a new format that captures the essence of music. The concept is simple: Choose a song via the Soundcloud API, choose a postcard, write a message and send it.

Daremachine Daremachine

The service is inspired from the Youtube channels like Majestic and TheSoundYouNeed associating lovely songs with pictures that have an eerie and dreamy atmosphere. The design is minimalistic and elegant. The final result is the product of thousands of micro decisions in UX and design to give this powerful, polished and elegant feeling. Coming soon!


The Dare Machine

Truth or Dare meets Snapchat.

Remember Truth or Dare? The Dare Machine is an app where you battle friends and strangers on the craziest photo dares. "Surf your ironing board", "eat on a human table", "cross your legs like Sharon Stone", "eat a big bowl of money".. We had the idea with my tech partner and delivered under a month. .


On this app, the user flow was pretty complex to design and was inspired from the successful game Draw Something. Asynchronous or synchronous play? How long should a game last? Are the dares easy and funny enough? How to convey the look and feel of a battle in a playful way? The design is simple and colorful, playful but not childish. The Dare Machine is a project full of potential creating a whole new type of social interactions.

Behind the scenes


Marrakesh Meets Brooklyn.

I always dreamt of building something that relates to my Moroccan origins. Cordoba is a fashion line inspired by the Arab Golden Age in the 12th century. I design bags in New York that are handmade by local artisans in Marrakesh .


Random stuff I like.

I'm always on the lookout for cool projects launched by talented people. Shoot me a mail !

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